Many a times, this thought comes to my mind “What is Life?”. And whenever I start looking out for an answer, I end up at the same place where I started. The simpler this question seems to be the more complicated it’s answer is. People have tried and tried but nobody succeeded, and to my surprise still people are there who want the answer of this question and one of them is me.

Everybody has his/her own perception of life, as he/she has seen it and lived it. But shouldn’t there be an answer to this? A basic answer which fits into each and every perception and bring everybody to a same level. There is one of many friends’ of mine who used to say “Life is a Bitch”. But my question is why? Maybe this was what perception that person had. And one person used to say “Life is Living to the fullest”. The logical definition of Life is very well interpreted in one of the Quote’s of ANNE WILSON SCHAEF which says, Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process. Truly life is a process, that too a complicated one which is full of endothermic and exothermic events which complement themselves at all times.

The more we start thinking over this question, we will get entangled in our own questions and answers. So let us leave this question for our philosophers to answer and till the time we are alive let us lead a fearless life and dedicate some part of our live’s for the welfare of others. So that in the end, we don’t have to regret that our life didn’t had any meaning to it.


~ by seansabode on December 13, 2008.

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