Today its raining right from the morning and it seems as if its not going to stop at all. Its Raining, RAINING and R.A.I.N.I.N.G. The sky is dull with a very dense cloud cover, personification of a person who is in intense pain and is crying, so that atleast anyone who hears it’s cries attends to him. The environment is absolutely dispirited and is lacking responsiveness, unlikely to that on the bright sunny days.

The rain came all of a sudden and then what we saw was the sky crying profusely, may be it is also in deep pain and suffering, after having a view of what is happening here on the Mother Earth. The Mankind is neither doing any justice to himself nor to this nature, trying to tamper the laws laid down by the nature every now and then. He is pretending as if he has the absolute power and the absolute authority,  but this attitude if carried forward is going to lead him in the middle of nowhere. And then from that point nobody, not even the Mother can take him out.  Sooner rather than later he will have to pay a huge cost if he continues to intrude and fiddle with the Supreme Laws of the Nature. We have already seen this rain itself taking drastic forms in terms of Floods, Tsunami, Cyclones and causing greatest severities.

What I wish, is that every person start respecting this Supreme Authority and I am sure Success will be all our’s. Let us all pray that this rain, as it comes down wash away all our troubles and keep us happy and prosperous in the coming years.


~ by seansabode on January 18, 2009.

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