Are they really worth?

All of us have friends, some have few, some have many and seldom we see people who don’t have any. Why do we need them when we have so many other relations to carry forward? Can’t we simply shove them away? This is a difficult one to answer. I myself have many times felt this “shove them away” vibe. But still, have never been able to do that. And the reason, even I don’t know. Maybe that I need them to be besides me everytime or maybe I am used to them for such a long time now. But the bottomline is that it is very difficult to push them away, when they had been with us for such a long time now.FRIENDS

Have we ever given a thought that “Why we have a best friend?” ,”Why can’t every friend be a best friend?” and many like that. I am sure the answer will be NO, because we never felt doing that. We always knew that we have many friends with us and some among those are good or the best for us. But the day we ask this question to ourselves we will really come to know whether many of those are worth even being considered as a friend.

We will find that many of them are sticking with us only for their sake, and the benefits which they may gain directly or indirectly from us. So the day we come to know what the truth is what should be the next step from our side? Should we let them go or let them know?

I will leave this question for you to answer, because that step that we will take depends upon our nature and the fact that how those so-called friends have affected us in our daily life.

From last few days I am again and again giving a thought to this, and I am in a complete dilemma right now. I often come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with them is to shove them away from me. But then suddenly I think why not give them another chance, after all they are also human beings, and no single person out here is perfect. But, are they really worth that?


~ by seansabode on February 4, 2009.

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