DEATH: The Inevitable Truth

Early morning at 3:19 am, I got a news about a friend’s sad demise. Even though I didn’t know him, but he was a very good friend of one of my friends’.  Well, the entire weekend was already screwed up and this just added more miseries to it. I was nonplussed and faced with a decision. To accept this bitter truth of life or to deny it.

DEATH as people say, and are scared of is the only truth of life. Although many of you reading this will feel  that this is nothing but philosophy. But sooner or later everyone realises this thing.  Some people die too young and some die too old, but the fact remains that everyone has to face it at the right time. The only thing that matters is when people die at the wrong time that is what causes this deep mental anguish. But this question arises, who has the right to decide which is the right time? WE?

“Death, the one appointment we all must keep, and for which no time is set” – Charlie Chan

DeathThis one incident happened few years ago, while I was pursuing my graduation, one of very good friend of mine died in front of me. Not only me but there were dozens of other people  when all of a sudden this happened and none of us had a clue, how or why. We tried our best to get medical assistance for him as fast as we could, but all in vain. The doctors declared him as dead, and the cause was believed to be heat stroke. It all happened so fast that we didn’t even had time to think what was happening around us. Everything seemed to be DARK; an endless tunnel, with the absence of light and apparently no one had any clue how to get out of this.

The next day after attending the funeral, I quietly sat in my room and was thinking about all that had happened in past 24 hours. His parents, siblings, friends and everyone present at the funeral were crying aloud for that person who was dead for he left all deserted. But immediately the following day, I saw atleast  more than eighty percent of the people who were so-effected by this incident roaming around happily as if nothing ever happened. Or maybe they were trying to deny the actuality.

This made me think, whether they were tormented in real by this undeserved fate of that guy. And the answer I got was, NO. Very soon I realised that the only lot who was suffering and was inconsolable included his family(only parents, siblings and a few relatives) and a very few friends. The rest, what happened to them? Were they devoid of all the emotions? And it was just a matter of time before I concluded that the humans were programmed this way, to react to a certain emotion without even feeling the intensity of it. And this conclusion was not on the basis of my assumptions; all the facts were justified.

Nothing much has changed from that day to today, still people are the same. They will mourn and cry out loud even if they hardly know the unfortunate victim. The people who endure this pain and are distressed will be up to themselves, trying to figure out how and why the things went wrong; whether they can somehow change the past or not and may more questions.

But the point is how soon you can accept this truth and reconcile yourself to these changes, even though it is a herculean task. It requires a determined effort from within to come back to the tranquil state of mind. The person who left us all abandoned would have never thought that we should be distressed because of him. So as an honour or to show respect for that person, we should try and do the best what we can to make our lives better. Because in the end he would have thought and wished the same for us.  All that matters is how fast we can adapt to this inevitable change.

So what I can sum up here is that none of the mortals have this power to change, but the only thing they can do is face the change; which they have to. Pain is natural, however instead of crying and whining over the things that have happened in past, if we take cognizance of the things that are supposed to be done maybe it will be beneficial to us and apart from that it will give some peace to the soul of the deceased. No matter how much we try to avoid, but the ultimate truth will be, and is DEATH.

“For death begins with life’s first breath, And life begins at touch of death” – John Oxenham


~ by seansabode on September 21, 2009.

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